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The Rock Christian School is committed to the academic excellence of our students as well as studying, memorizing, and the application of God's Word. TRCS students are prepared not only to succeed in college, but also in life.

We take pride in helping each child feel comfortable so they can focus on their schooling in a family-style atmosphere.

Our small class sizes and use of teachers' aides allows for each child to have personalized attention.

Grow Spiritually and Academically

Grow Spiritually and Academically

Curriculum and Testing

We believe in a strong Christian approach to education. Each day begins with prayer, praise, and God’s Word. This provides the foundation for a successful day of learning. Our curriculum is Bible-based and each academic subject is filled with challenging lessons.

Curriculum Used:

ABeka books for grades K - 6th

ABeka, Step Up to Writing, Deep Roots, Pearson, and ACE for grades 7th - 12th

ABeka book and ACE are built on a scriptural foundation of academic excellence and for building good character. Our Christian School benefits from their treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and Scriptural truths.

Standardized Testing:

Stanford testing for grades 7th - 12th in Spring

PSATS for grades 8th - 11th in the fall

NWEA Testing for grades 2nd - 6th

Expected Learning Results

1. Spiritual Development – Students will grow in their knowledge of God and His Word which leads to a personal walk with Christ as evidenced by... 

1.1 Memorization and application of God’s word, evidenced in their response to the experiences they face daily. 

1.2 An ability to defend their faith, as they share it with others through in-depth discussions. 

1.3 Christ-like, servant leadership through service projects established by the school and church.

2. Academic Development – Students will demonstrate academic achievement and competency... 

2.1 Demonstration of their proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking skills 

2.2 Master curriculum goals as evidenced in subject-specific exams and standardized tests 

2.3 Taking ownership and responsibility for doing their best schoolwork in class and at home 

3. Social Development – Students will demonstrate a progression in their social development by... 

3.1 Showing respect for themselves and others, taking pride in their school and safely using property and equipment.

3.2 Growing development of conflict resolution skills with guided and independent practice.

3.3 communicating their thoughts, feelings, and knowledge to fellow students and staff.

Beyond The Classroom

Beyond The Classroom

Extracurricular Activities:

TRCS offers After School clubs, Art, Yearbook, Spanish, and Computer Science classes.

Students are also able to take part in the Student Leadership Crew, Praise and Worship Band, and Community Service opportunities.

Before/After Care:

We offer extended care with homework time, games, crafts, and snacks provided by our school support staff.

Field Trips:

There are various field trips based on curriculum standards and educational values.

Catalina Island Science Camp, the Discovery Cube, Ocean Quest, Green Spot Farms, museums, hikes, performing arts, and college campus tours are some of the field trips that students will enjoy.

Traditional School Community Events:
  • Monthly Chapel

  • Father/Daughter Dance

  • Mother/Son Fun Night

  • Family Paint Night

  • Market Place

  • Christmas Program

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Talent Show

  • Science Night