Our Mission

The mission of The Rock Christian School is to partner with Christian parents to provide a Bible-based, Christ-centered, academically challenging curriculum, which leads to a Biblical worldview, a personal relationship with Christ, and equips students to serve God and others by applying Biblical principles to every area of life.

Our Goals

· To provide a safe learning environment where each child is encouraged to reach his/her potential for God’s glory.

· To challenge children academically through Christ-centered curriculum.

· To teach children how to communicate with God through daily prayer.

· To encourage, model and teach Biblical principles throughout every part of the school day.

· To develop and maintain a respect and reverence for God through daily Bible study and worship.

· To teach children to apply God’s Word to every aspect of their lives.

· To develop a servant’s heart in order to carry out God’s call to humbly uplift others and unselfishly reach out to others in need.

Our History

The Rock Christian School was established in 2009. 

We began our educational journey at The Rock when we opened our preschool (KidzRock) in January of 2006.  Before we knew it, the Lord blessed our preschool to the point that we were in need of a quality, Christ-centered elementary school for those graduating pre-Kindergarten. The leaders of The Rock Church originally planned to add only one year at a time, however, after a great deal of prayer, they saw the need for adding all classes.  In 2012, we began to offer a Full Day Kindergarten through 8th grade.  In 2016, we were able to expand our reach all the way to 12th grade.

We are thrilled to be carrying the good news of the gospel to preschool children through high school students at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center.

Our Pastors

As a part of The Rock Church and World Outreach Center, The Rock Christian School and KidzRock Learning Center are blessed to have the oversight of our amazing pastors.