A thankful mother wrote:

“Before my daughter started at TRCS she was a below average student. She has a wonderful testimony, she was born with a heart disease called Ebstein’s Anomaly. In Kinder she was scheduled for open heart surgery which was very scary. Before the surgery date we were in church listening to a guest speaker. The guest speaker called my daughter out and prayed for her healing. God healed her of her symptoms and the surgery was cancelled. Before attending TRCS she seemed uninterested in life. Now we can visibly see all the things God wanted to bring out of her. She is now an above average student and strives to become better in all areas. She is more bold and outspoken. She looks for ways to bless her classmates. She prays for other students and makes it her mission to befriend those who seem troubled. When we lost our family dog it hit us hard. I came to find out that while she was out of school her whole class stopped to pray for her. I am thankful to her teachers and the staff for creating an environment where she can flourish!”