The Rock Christian School

The Rock Christian School is a ministry of The Rock Church and World Outreach Center serving elementary, middle school, and high school students. Our school provides a loving environment that is safe and supervised by our caring and well trained staff. We take pride in helping each child feel comfortable and able to focus and learn in our family style environment. Our class sizes are designed to give each child an opportunity to participate in active learning.

Our curriculum:

We believe in a strong Christian approach to education. Each day begins with prayer, praise, and God’s Word. This provides the foundation for a successful day of learning. Each academic subject is filled with challenging lessons written and developed by the A Beka Book publishers for grades K-8 and A Beka & ACE for grades 9 through 12.

A Beka book and ACE are built on a scriptural foundation of academic excellence and for building good character. Our Christian School benefits from their treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and Scriptural truths.

Vital components:

  • Monthly Chapel & Daily Bible study: All grade levels attend monthly Chapel with worship band. Curriculum includes daily Bible study.
  • Advanced curriculum: Our curriculum is based on the national standards for education.
  • Online access: FACTS and Google Classroom programs allows parents and students to stay connected with assignments, attendance, and grades. Each Upper level student will receive a school email address.
  • Standardized testing: All students participate in the Stanford 10 test which ranks your child on a national level.
  • Parent-teacher conferences: Formal conferences each year. Teachers are always available for informal talks throughout the year.
  • Student Success Team (SST): TRCS offers individualized plans for education to those students who are behind or above the grade level.
  • Performances and assemblies: Children participate in monthly assemblies and class performances. Parents are invited to an Awards assembly twice a year. Annually we have holiday productions and promotional events.
  • Field trips: Various field trips are based on the child’s interest and curriculum standards (museums, hiking trips, amusement parks, and performing arts).
  • Before / After School Care: We offer extended day care with homework help, projects, sports games and more.
  • Daily PE: Daily activities include sports, timed exercise tests, and the mile run!
  • Elective Activities:  Music, choir, art, guitar, computer coding, Spanish and sports.


  • What is the difference between private school and a public education? Smaller class sizes, individualized approach to learning, daily Bible study and emphasis on Christian morals, as well as qualified Christian educators that will care and pray for your child.
  • How would I transfer my child? Inform your current school that your child is transferring to a private school. Then, contact the school district and they will send your child’s transcripts.
  • What forms do I need to apply and register? Bring your child’s birth certificate, shot record and last report card to the office, along with your registration fee. You will pick up a physician’s report for your doctor to sign and a login code for the application and registration forms online.